How to Be Perfectly Safe While Pressure Cooking

Pressure cooker

If you have expressed interest in purchasing a pressure cooker, you have undoubtedly stumbled upon some examples of them being unsafe and prone to exploding. You are absolutely right to take those examples into consideration, and further educate yourself on the safety issues, or lack thereof, regarding pressure cookers. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in danger while cooking by being exposed to an explosion caused by them.

These types of accidents were caused by a number of reasons. For example, older models had to be placed in the sink before the lid was opened, covered in cold water. And that meant that you had to carry the hot pressure cooker around the kitchen, which was a dangerous thing to do in the first place. It was also possible for them to accidently open while cooking.

pressure cooker explosion

However, while those stories may have been true for certain pressure cooker products from certain brands, today’s technology advancements have greatly contributed to the extermination of such safety issues. So, if you have been longing for the best pressure cooker you can afford, take the following tips and guidelines about how to use it once purchased into consideration.

Make Sure To Inspect the Condition of the Pressure Cooker

As the name itself implies, pressure cookers rely on high pressure in order to cook food efficiently and quickly. Every time before you use it, make sure to check the rubber gasket. If it is cracked or ripped in any way, you need to replace it. It is normal for gaskets to deteriorate due to wear and tear with time.

Although you probably clean the pressure cooker every time you use it, it is advisable that you visually check and ensure that there are not leftovers from the previous meal you prepared. Once you are sure the cooker is in a good condition, you can put your ingredients for the next meal inside.

Follow the Recipe to the Letter

Pressure Cooker Recipes

There are proper ways to use a pressure cooker and there are bad ways to use a pressure cooker. You should be aware of how much ingredients it can take at the most and follow your pressure cooker recipes accordingly. There have been many occasions where people put too much food inside which causes the product to malfunction, thereby raising the risk of a potential hazardous situation.

So, always follow your recipes to the letter and avoid overfilling the pressure cooker. The best way to use it is to never fill more than one third of its total capacity.

Take Extreme Caution When Using Oil

Pressure cookers require little to no amount of oil for cooking, which is why you should never use it to fry food. While it is completely true that you can prepare almost any kind of food with them, some meals should simply be prepared using another method.

The Importance of Releasing the Pressure

Once the food is done, you shouldn’t simply open the lid. Some newer models release the pressure automatically once you remove the pressure cooker from the range, but you should still make sure that the pressure built inside is released before opening the lid. Do not put hour head directly above it in order to avoid steam hitting you directly in the face. Also, use appropriate cooking gloves to avoid getting burned.

Always Clean It After You Are Done

Every time you prepare food with your pressure cooker, be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it after you are done. Pay special attention to the rubber gasket.

Now you can consider yourself educated enough on how to use a pressure cooker properly and stay perfectly safe while doing so. Remember that problems don’t always happen on its own, it is always imperative that you handle your pressure cooker properly.

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