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Some Small Tips to Help You Save Time in Tidying the House

kitchen arrangement

The key of tidying the house is that you must divide the chores into small parts – such as tidy the living room, clean the floor, wash the dishes… Handling this thing in general by splitting the works into parts and you will learn how to keep your life tidy and globes inside your house. Even the best ceiling fans or a luxurious oven can be covered by dust and can’t clean themselves, so you have to take your time cleaning and tidying to make sure that the living condition of your whole family is always safe and healthy. In this article, I will show you some small tips in arranging and tidying. Let’s read and follow these instructions carefully!

If you want your rooms to be tidy and globes, all you need to do is letting you family members know how to conscious about the cleanliness and also have some strict rules about keeping the house clean and tidy. You all know that preventing is always better than curing; therefore the best way is that each one of you in the family knows how to keep the surrounding environment out of smell and dirt.

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom arrangements

kitchen arrangement

Kitchen and bathroom are used every day by almost all family members, so these room have high chance to be a completely mess. Rearrange them with these instructions below:

  • At least once a week, check the fridge and kitchen cabinets to get rid of left-over food and junk food that is not used anymore or out dated. The food that can be used but your family doesn’t use; you can give them to your friends or the neighbors.
  • Everyday, you must make sure that the dishes, plates; spoons… are washed, dried and stored carefully in the cabinets. You should have a large wall kitchen cabinet or a dish drawer to place them in.
  • The same with bathroom: you bathroom should its own small wall cabinet and some hangers so that the personal stuffs of each member such as soap, tooth brush, towels… can be stored and dried to avoid smelling. At least once per two or three weeks, check the bathroom cabinet to know how many are left and get rid of things that can’t be used anymore and throw them to the trash bin.
  • While rearranging these rooms, also remove the dust on the surface of the shelves, tables and drawers and some cleaning cream to prevent some bacteria and unhealthy dust.
  1. Bedroom and Living room arrangements:

bedroom arrangement

You other rooms also need to be cleaned and tidied regularly. Below are some simple tips to help you keep the bedroom and living room tidy and clean.

  • Never let your clothes piles appear on your floor or on beds. Fold them carefully and put them in wardrobes or their drawers. Dirty clothes must be put into the baskets waiting for laundering.
  • Once a few days, clean your living room. Tidy some mess, get rid of the dust and animal hair on the pillows and take away unused stuffs such as the old newspaper and magazines.
  • At least once a month, make sure that you can remove the spider webs on the ceiling of your rooms as well and wipe all the dust from the blades of the ceiling fan. You know that when the ceiling fan works it also create the wind flow that sucks all the dust from the outer environment. Remove the dust coat can help the fan work more powerful and also maintain its best condition.
  • At the beginning of each season, check your clothes wardrobe and get rid of things that don’t fit you anymore. You can give them to your friend or do the charity. With clothes that are too old or ripped, you can use them as rags to clean the house.

You just have to spend about 10 to 20 minutes a day to clean a room, but if you pile things up, it will take you days to do it and it becomes a hard and painful work for some holidays. Be optimistic and keep the strict rules in rearranging and doing chores in the house is the secret of managing and arranging you home and also the way to make your life better!

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