The Very First Beginner Buying Guide for Turntable Lovers

I don’t know how long have you been getting acquainted with the magical sound of the record player, but I’m really sure about one thing that buying the best record player is not easy at all, even with advanced people who had many experiences in choosing this type of audio device.

record player

You are a beginner in collecting record players and you’ve just read some blog posts about this device, it doesn’t matter, because you decided to love turntables. It’s one of the most important conditions to choose the product that you love and want to take care of for a long time.

Just like other appliances in your house, there are tons of choices for the record player, from the ages, the colors to the constructs and the styles also. It will be very confusing for beginners to know where to start. Don’t worry, because in this article, I will show you the very first things from the beginning that everyone needs to know before paying for a turntable.

Warning: This guide is just for beginning collectors, who love the old and vintage style of the record players, not for DJs or other people wanting to do a remix with this device.  It’s a whole different field that I don’t have any knowledge of. In addition, this is for new “audiophiles” who want to look for the best experiences in music.

Components of a record player

record player components

There are many things you need to know about turntable, but first of all, we need to know the basic parts inside it and how it works, so that we can choose the best one within each detail. In addition, if you know a record player from the smallest details, it could be a high chance that you can reduce the price of your favorite turntable for sure.

  • Base: It is the most important part of the record player that contains and hold the rest of the components. In fact, the base and many shapes and sizes according to the functions of the device. It can be made of wood, hard plastic or metal.
  • Platter: This part helps the record player plays the vinyl by putting it on and off to the base. You should choose the heavy one because if the platter is too light, it could vibrate when running thus reduce the quality of output sounds.
  • Tone arm: The arm which contains a needle at the end to play the sound from the vinyl by spinning while the needle runs along the circular drain on the surface of the disc.

In some models of record player, we can see other parts such as the cartridge, but make sure that you can remember the most important 3 parts above.

 How about the sound?


Many people still think that vinyl records are not the best sound in comparison with the digital sound nowadays, but in fact, the perfect sound belongs to the vinyl discs. It might not be true according to some environmental factors such as the quality of the record player, or the ability in receiving sounds of listeners…

But I want to make sure a thing that no one can defeat the record player when playing the music in a house or living room. Maybe you can feel very comfortable with an iPod or other mobile modern music devices when going out, but we are heading to the hobby of hearing the original sounds in a quiet and standard environment. Just get rid of the mobility in other digital devices and you can see that the best choice is still the turntable when you need the comfortable and a relaxing environment after hardworking hours.

So they are the first parts in my article about the record player and basic knowledge for users and collectors. For more information, you can take a look at my website, we specialized in buying and selling secondhand record players as well as importing brand new ones from all over the world. Just remember that the best sound could be found in any music devices, but the perfect sounds that can touch the heart of a person can only be found in a quiet room with a phonograph and some old blue vinyl records.

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