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Best Postpartum Underwear

If you’ve given birth whether vaginal or C-section delivery, you might have been looking for the best postpartum underwear. It works by providing both comfort and support for faster healing and recovery.

In this buying guide, we’re featuring the top 10 postpartum underwear that you might want to check and compare later.

Also here, we are discussing the things to look for as well as the types of underwear for C-section and postpartum that you need to know. All these and more are discussed below. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Best Postpartum Underwear Reviews

Shopping around for postpartum underwear can be time-consuming if unaware of the top picks and important considerations. Get started finding the right underwear by referring to these reviews.

YOYI FASHION Postpartum Mesh Underwear

YOYI FASHION Postpartum Mesh Underwear
Editor Rating: 40/50

Are you looking for leak-proof panties? If so, you might want to check out the
YOYI FASHION Women panties that are also breathable at the same time. Regarding postpartum underwear, the YOYI panties are a top choice because of these features.

In addition, I would like to note that the panties are with a pull-on closure design, making them easy to wear. The panty briefs are also made of comfortable and soft fabric that includes spandex and nylon.

More so, the leak-free panties are also water-resistant, making them suitable also for women with incontinence issues. Having this said, you can get more out of life and enjoy things you love! There is no stopping you this time.

The panties are also great for days when you have heavy flow menstrual cycle as well as postpartum bleeding. These things make the panties really versatile, giving you more value for your money.

So if you want protection form leaks due to an overflow from your tampon or pad, you might want to check out this item. Lastly, the panties are with mesh holes, making them more breathable.

Closecret Underwear Breathable Underpants

Closecret Underwear Breathable Underpants
Editor Rating: 45/50

Closecret is a trusted name of women from all over the world because of its reliability and quality. One of their best offerings so far is the Classic Panties, which are available in a one-color or multiple-color pack. Choose whatever it is your heart desires for a better satisfaction in terms of the color.

The Cotton Underwear is also comfortable for the skin because it is lightweight and breathable. Wearing it even for long hours, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable at all.

So even if you have just delivered or suffering from incontinence, you can rely on this underwear.

Also, these full coverage panties are perfect after giving birth because they’re soft and supportive at the same time. They’re ideal for wearing for long hours even for women living in hot weather locations.

The panties also fit as expected by 75%. In addition, they’re made of soft materials along with some spandex to ensure a bit of stretching. You also have the choice of machine or hand washing them, and you’re good.

I also liked the design of a brief-cut style, following the leg’s natural curve and allowing your body to move all day. In addition, the panties are also with a comfortable and elastic waistband as well as elastic leg coverage.

Speaking of the design, the undies feel light, sitting below your belly button and offering full seat coverage. You can also prevent any panty lines because the underwear can lay flat against the skin.

UpSpring Baby C-Section-Incision Postpartum Underwear

UpSpring Baby C-Section-Incision Postpartum Underwear
Editor Rating: 40/50

If you’d given birth in the C-section, you might want to check out the UpSpring Baby C-Panty. It is the ideal recovery panty that has the design and comfort features you badly need.

The C-Section Recovery Panty is also specifically designed for the women who delivered in the C-section for its great design that can help in speeding up the healing and recovery. It is notable that it’s a medical grade compression panty.

And speaking of compression, it’s also effective for helping you slim down fast. So in addition to being a post-pregnancy recovery panty that reduces discomfort, this panty can also help you slim down after baby.

In addition, this panty is unique for its built-in and patented silicone panel. It works by minimizing the scarring while reducing the irritation. This silicone panel can also protect the incision while helping in removing the C-section scar bulge.

Choosing it, you will feel as if you’re back to your normal self again after the delivery. There are also no bands, VELCRO or hooks involved in the use of this panty.

It offers you with a better mobility than selecting any other postpartum underwear. You can wear this panty after the C-section up to one year. If desired, you can choose wearing it under your postpartum pajamas

Always Discreet Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Always Discreet Postpartum Disposable Underwear
Editor Rating: 40/50

Those with incontinence or experiencing a heavy menstrual flow can relate well to leak issues. For this reason, they’re looking for incontinence underwear that can protect them from leaks.

The Always Discreet Underwear is a common choice among them for its solid features. For one, it is available in different sizes and in 32 counts. It is an economical and practical pick for those who want to stock on this incontinence underwear.

More so, the underwear is also absorbent, giving you more value out of your spending. I would also like to note that it is designed with a quick dry core, covering you from front to the back and offering leak protection all day or night.

This underwear also boasts its FormFit with 360 degrees elastics, which are able to pull the core closer to your body for a great fit.

In addition, you can also stay dry for a longer time because it is engineered to feature the double leak guards. They work by wicking moisture and keeping the wetness away.

Speaking of a good design, the Always Discreet also has a shaped core, adhering to your body shape and curves for a comfortable and secure fit. There is no need to feel as if wearing a thick and bulky adult diaper.

Overall, the underwear can offer wearers a unique protection against odors and leaks in only seconds. It is reliable and effective in offering leak guard for a more enjoyable life. So if you want a secure leakage protection while feeling comfortable all day or night, you might want to check out the Always Discreet underwear.

Kindred Bravely Postpartum Underwear C Section

Kindred Bravely Postpartum Underwear C Section
Editor Rating: 40/50

If you’re into high-waist panties, you might want to check out the Kindred Bravely C section underwear. The high waist underwear can provide you with an ample level of protection and comfort. It’s a balance that you must be looking for when shopping around for a postpartum panty.

The High Waist Postpartum Underwear is ideal for women who had given birth in the C-section and those who want compression underwear that can help women achieve faster healing.

Most of the time, it also fits 79% of the time, so there is no worry that it won’t be able to fit. In addition, you can get more out of your spending with this underwear because you can wear it up to one year after the C-section.

It can also help you heal faster while not leaving you feeling uncomfortable. The C-section maternity panty is also perfect for recovery and healing the incision.

You will also appreciate that it can hold post-surgery dressings as well as maternity pads. With it, you don’t need to wear ugly maternity panties or mesh panties.

It does not also dig into your skin, but it does cover your belly well. One of the reasons is that it has a smoothing design that sits just above the Caesarian line.

Also, this panty can offer a full coverage for added comfort and has a wide lace band that doesn’t pinch or bind. And before I forgot, it can offer you with a non-itchy feel without the sags and bags or any bulky VELCRO or bands.

Innersy Womens Control Underpants Yourself

Innersy Womens Control Underpants Yourself
Editor Rating: 40/50

Soft, supportive and comfortable, the Innersy Women’s high-waist underpants are another not to miss on this list. It is packed with solid features, which make it a standout product in the category.

One of the things that make it unique is its solid color, which looks classic yet attractive. The briefs multiple pack is also affordable but high in quality.

For one, it is made from topnotch materials include cotton and spandex. The cotton makes it lightweight and airy while the latter makes the panty stretchable.

On the other hand, the crotch area is lined with cotton for better comfort and stain camouflaging.

In addition, you will have peace of mind when you choose this underwear because the manufacturer is with a 24-hour customer support.

Also, it is worth noting that you don’t have to worry about wedgies anymore because it can cover your rear, so your butt will stay in place. In this case, you don’t have to adjust the panty anymore, too.

There are also different sizes available. To buy the right one, you should measure yourself accurately. The snug fit panties also offer you with a tummy control because they just sit above the belly button. They also have flat waistbands, so there is no need to worry about muffin top or bumps.

So if you want to feel confident, you can wear the underwear that makes you feel it. These panties are suitable for daily wearing as well as for recovery.

If you have been in the C-section, you might want to choose the panty that comes up over the C-section incision. In this case, there will be no seam on the waistband’s side. With it, you don’t have to worry about incision scars and skin irritation.

Motherhood Maternity Womens Brief Panties

Motherhood Maternity Womens Brief Panties
Editor Rating: 40/50

The Motherhood Maternity brief panties are comfortable and supportive for the best wearing experience. They are also top choice for plus size maternity underwear among women who want to experience a balance between comfort and support.

One of the things that I liked about the panties is that they are a bit stretchy and lightweight, providing an all-day or night comfort. They also come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from and buy for satisfaction.

These brief panties are also made from quality and premium spandex and cotton. They are breathable, comfortable and stretchable.

In addition, they come in a wide range of designs that make them more attractive. I would like to note that the panties are with an elastic closure for a snug fit for all day or night wearing.

When it comes to washing, the panties are machine washable, adding to their convenience of use. You can also take advantage of the fold over waistband, which is ideal for your changing body.

GIFTPOCKET Womens Maternity Panties Underwear

Maternity Panties Underwear
Editor Rating: 40/50

One of the things that make the GIFTPOCKET underwear a deserving choice to become a part of the best underwear for postpartum mothers is its lovely design. Actually, I do believe that it’s a standout characteristic of this panty.

The under bump maternity panties are your top choice for healthy underwear. You can wear it even after giving birth, giving you more value out of your money.

In addition, the low-waist underwear is nicely fitting under the bump. You will not feel any pressure at all wearing it. Such said, it can be wise to choose this underwear if you’re expecting. It gives you more freedom to move than any other in the same category does.

I also liked the rear coverage. It’s cool and comfortable to have this feature. That can add to shaping your rear and making you feeling more confident.

More so, I liked that it’s made from quality cotton material, making it skin-friendly, lightweight and soft. For this reason, the panty is also ideal for machine washing and is breathable for more comfort.

It is also with a cotton crotch, which is healthy both for you and for your baby. You can also have peace of mind that this product is safe, passing the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test.

Overall, I liked that the panty is with comfortable and breathable materials and has a lovely design. It also fits as expected by 67% as well as made from quality cotton material. You might want to check it out if you’re looking for durable and lightweight underwear postpartum.

Intimate Portal Maternity Pregnancy Underwear

The Bump Intimate Maternity Support Underwear
Editor Rating: 45/50

The under-the-bump panties look and feel sexy and are meant for providing moms with adequate support they need. The postpartum underwear is designed and made to offer you with not just support but also comfort.

The 3-pk Basics also fits by 76 percent as expected, so you can rest assured that it will fit you more likely than not.

Regarding the materials, the support underwear is made of 5% spandex and 95% refined cotton for the body, making the panties even more comfortable for the skin. The panties are also okay for machine washing, so cleaning is also a breeze.

More so, I love the design of these panties that they free the bump and let the skin breathe. That said there is no doubt that they can be worn for a longer time without irritating your skin.

I would like to mention that the bikini panties could fit under the bump without giving it any pressure. It is one of the unique features of the panties that make it a top-rated choice among women looking for comfortable and supportive underwear.

It is also with low cut material cotton, offering a better airflow that and making the underwear suitable for all day wearing.

And if you gave birth in the C-section, you can appreciate the low-rise waistline that won’t irritate the incision.

Another good thing is that it is certified safe by the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. And for better peace of mind, the underwear is laboratory-tested ensuring that the products don’t contain heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

Nevertheless, the Intimate Portal Under-the-Bump Maternity Panties Collection is one of the best for women who are expecting or have given birth for their comfort and support features.

Fruit Of The Loom Breathable Panties

1. Fruit Of The Loom Breathable Panties
Editor Rating: 40/50

There is nothing quite more comfortable than these Fruit of the Loom panties that suit postpartum women. These panties are very soft yet supportive, offering a balance of support and ease of use.

I would also like to note that they come in a wide range of cool colors that you’ll appreciate. The 6-pack panties are also top-rated in the category for their affordability, striking a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

They also fit as expected by 69 percent, giving you peace of mind that they will fit you. The assorted color pack is also of panties made of breathable micromesh, offering good airflow and breathability.

The materials for each panty are 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, making them really cool for the skin and suitable for wearing even for a hot weather. You can also machine wash the panties and never worry about them being damaged.

The Beyond Soft breathable panties also have the unique features of resisting shrinking and fading. Having these qualities, you can look forward to long-tern use.

They can stay in tiptop shape for a long time, so they don’t need frequent replacement. It also translates to more savings for you.

The Beyond Soft Collection panties are designed to give you that max softness for all day comfort.

If you’re looking for panties not only smooth under your clothes but also against your body, you might want to check out these panties.

Overall, the panties are cozy to the rear and gentle to the skin and touch. Check them out and feel better in the postpartum stage.

Different Types Of Panties

Now that we’re done reviewing the top picks among postpartum underwear, let’s talk about the types of panties to help you select the right one for you later.

Postpartum Disposable Underwear

As the name says, such types of women underwear are disposable. It is meant for one-time wearing and then throwing. Some of them are high waist maternity panties and are available in different sizes.

Typically, such underwear is lightweight and breathable for optimal comfort. In addition, disposable panties are also with a seamless knit in many cases and are latex-free. These panties are not for the long- but only for the short-term.

A women’s disposable underwear is also washable and reusable, but it can also depend from one manufacturer to another. It can be ideal for postpartum recovery, either you’re from a C-section or vaginal delivery.

Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Hospital Mesh Panties

These panties are given in the hospitals. Just like the disposable underwear, mesh panties are disposable and are with a modern design to feel like daily underwear with a modern design.

And in terms of design, many of these mesh panties are made of light, breathable, airy and stretchy materials. These undies are sold individually packed or in bulk package just like the other types of panties. They are also used in beauty salons, sauna, hotels, traveling and hospitals.

Hospital Mesh Panties

Nylon Hi Cut Panties

As the name suggest, these panties can offer an amazing stretch for women looking for postpartum underwear.

They can fit and move perfectly and they are high cut comfortable panties that fit all day or night wearing. Many of them are comfortable and smooth for the skin. These panties are convenient to use and wear because they’re also breathable and lightweight.

Many of them are also with a great design for that comfortable and perfect fit. Also, you can have peace of mind that they can fit smoothly under your clothes.

Nylon Hi Cut Panties

Hanes Long Underwear

In addition to the above-mentioned types of panties for womens is the long underwear that can make you feel cozy and warm, working like thermal underwear. They’re typically made with a polyester and cotton blend as well as with moisture control fabric for keeping you dry.

The Hanes long underwear also features a soft knit without rub seams. In addition, the long underwear can also stretch and move as you do. Wearing it, you’ll love moving and sleeping without discomfort.

Hanes Long Underwear

High Waisted Panties

These panties sit high on the waist, making them suitable for postpartum recovery and healing. They can offer enough comfort and support so that you can move comfortably and freely. Just like other types, you can find them in different sizes and colors.

High Waisted Panties

Postpartum Mesh Underwear

These panties are made of airy and stretchy material, making it suitable for wearing all day or night.

You can check out some of these panties online and in many marketplaces at affordable prices. Mesh postpartum underwear is comfortable to wear and will not make you feel sweaty. You can also wear it with your maternity pad or adult diaper.

Postpartum Mesh Underwear

How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should A Woman Own?

This question does not have a one-size fits all answer because it can vary from one person to another. It is not also

How Many Days of the Week Underwear Women’s to Have?

It may be confusing to count how many undies to own because it depends from one woman to another. Perhaps, the safest answer is it is based on your lifestyle. For one, if you’re active and you travel a lot, it will help to own at least a dozen of panties.

If you’re someone who does not like the idea of doing the laundry weekly, you should own more than a week’s supply of underwear.  Nevertheless, the number of panties or underwear to own should be based on your needs and situations.

Days of the Week Underwear Women’s

What Is Control Top Underwear?

If you had given birth, vaginal or C-section, the control top underwear may be your best bet. With it, there is no bulge, no muffin top and no sag in the skin.

It will help you slim down fast if you’re trying to get back to your normal shape before birth.   The control top underwear is comfortable to wear and provides enough support for your healing or recovery.

Choosing the control top underwear you can also have peace of mind the incision area is supported for faster postpartum recovery.

Control Top Underwear

What Is Target Women’s Underwear?

Target is a staple brand around the world for women looking for quality and durable underwear.

It offers a wide range of panties includes seamless bikinis, panties, underwear, sports bra and racer back.  It is known for barely-three feel and classic cut panties and bikinis.

Target Women's Underwear

What To Wear After Giving Birth?

Check out the following for the different underwear types and pads to wear after giving birth. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Best Period Underwear

Also called menstrual underwear, period underwear is designed and made to help in addition to tampons and pads. Sometimes, they are called period panties, which are worn without pads or tampons.

So without even saying, they are designed to absorb menstrual blood and looked like a diaper. You can wear it without the bulk, and it can be reused, too.

Today, there are also those that have breathable properties. They are usually with fabric layers that can lock in the moisture to keep you dry.

Tummy Control Panties

After delivering a baby, many women struggle with their sagging tummy skin and belly.  For this reason, they wear tummy control panties that work like a belly trainer.

They offer compression to prevent the bulge and bulk. In addition, they might help you lose weight fast postpartum.

Best Cotton Underwear

One of the best underwear for postpartum is cotton because it is airy and light and promotes breathability. It is comfortable to wear while not missing on the support that it must be able to provide postpartum women.

Cotton is also a great material for your vagina and health especially among those prone to vaginal issues. Panties with cotton lining are also a good choice.

Best Postpartum Pads

New mothers like you can have lochia, also called postpartum bleeding. It can be a heavy and long. You can wear postpartum pads for it.  Most of the time, these can offer leak proof protection and comfortable to wear just like a period underwear.

You might have to wear postpartum pads for the amount of time you have lochia, which can evolve from red to yellowish white.  Wear these pads for leak proof protection all day or night.

There you have some of the things you need to know about what to wear after giving birth.

Why Is There A Pocket In Panties?

There are some questions about panties that might have been sparking your curiosity for the longest time. One of those is the reason for pockets in panties. For sure, you’re trying to get an answer for this somehow mystery or secret.

According to a source, the underwear’s interior material must be made from soft materials, such as cotton.

Typically, the front and back are opened like a pocket (so not really a pocket) while the sides are commonly sewed on the panty. The reason for this design is that an additional seam might feel uncomfortable.

Pocket In Panties

Everything You Should Know About C Section Underwear

Have you delivered in the C-section? If so, you might have been experiencing pain around the incision area, and it’s quite uncomfortable. It can limit your movement and slow you down. Don’t worry! You’ll recover soon, and things will go back to normal like your belly size before baby.

One of the panties to help in this stage is the C-section panty or underwear. Learn more about it in the following.

Why Should You Wear C-Section Underwear?

You should wear it for support around the incision area. Typically, this underwear can provide cover also for this part, eliminating the need to wear bulky girdles and binders.

Wearing the C-section underwear, you can move with better ease because it offers enough support while also making you feel comfortable.

In addition, you must choose wearing it because it is made of breathable material for superior comfort all day or night wearing.

Nevertheless, the C-section underwear is designed and made for women who had undergone the Caesarian section birth. You might want to look into this if you did give birth in the C-section for improved support and faster recovery.

What to Know about C Section Underwear Target

You will find C-section underwear from this brand. One of their popular offerings is the high waist and incision care maternity underwear.

It can also work for compression to help you slim down, while also decreasing the discomfort and swelling.  It also aids in supporting the weakened muscles and reducing the scarring especially that one with a sewn-in silicone panel.

What Is a Post C Section Underwear plus Size?

The post C-section underwear for plus size women is another medically recommended panty, which works by supporting the weakened muscles while also making movements more comfortable than without it.  Such can help in speeding the recovery and promoting the healing of a scar.

What Women Are Saying in C Panty Reviews?

Women who have used or experienced using C panties were saying that this underwear was able to provide them the right level of comfort and support while recovering from the surgery.

They also noted that they experienced reduced swelling around their incision and had support to their weakened muscles.

Some women also revealed that they moved better with the C panty on, without the bulk of thick hospital binders or girdles.  They also revealed that they’re able to train their belly section and get it back into shape before baby.

Benefits Of C-Section Underwear

If you’re looking for information about the advantages of wearing C-section panties, you should keep reading. This underwear is design especially for women who had a Caesarian section delivery.

It can provide support that no other types of undies can give them. Some of the benefits of wearing this C-section panty include, although varies from one manufacturer to another include,

  • Comfortable material and fit to reduce any itching skin while your incision is healing. Speaking of healing, a C-panty can also give healing skin the support it needs at this phase.
  • It is made of lightweight and breathable material for all day or night comfort. Typically, it is made of cotton or a combination with other fabric, although still varies from one manufacturer to another.
  • It can also offer compression that can reduce incision area swelling as well as support the weakened muscles.
  • This panty also has a supportive design that can reduce any excess fluids as well as aid the uterus while trying to get back into shape.
  • It also works to smoothing and flattening your incision bulge.

Definitely, wearing the C-section panty can offer you with plenty of benefits that you should not miss. It is comfortable and supportive and can promote fast healing and recovery.   Again, it is made from comfortable material and has a supportive design for the incision area.

Important Considerations When Buying Best Postpartum Panties and Pregnancy

You must consider certain things when buying postpartum or pregnancy underwear because there are many types of panties and undies available to choose from and wear. In the following, you can check out the most important considerations and later buy the right one for you.

Best Postpartum Panties

What Is the Size? Hanes Underwear Sizing

For the sizes available, you can choose small, medium, large, extra-large, 2XL and 3XL.

However, you must also check your hip size. For example, small underwear will fit women with 32-35 inches (82-89 centimeters) hip size.

So for this reason, you should order and add a product to cart only once you have determined your correct measurement to avoid any problem.

For another example, women with three XL size will have 39-41 inches (100-104 centimeters) hip size.

Hanes Underwear Sizing

Are You Looking for the Best Underwear For Women’s Health?

There are different panties designed and made to improve women’s health. One of your best options if you’re prone to vaginal issues is cotton panties.

They are lightweight, comfortable and breathable.  They are reliable in terms of helping keep your health as well as making you feeling comfortable at the same time.

Best Underwear For Women’s Health

Consider the Best Cheap Underwear

You have several options in cheap underwear for postpartum and women in general.  There are mesh underwear and disposable options, too.

Depending on your needs and situation, you can select from a wide range of panties at affordable prices.   They can also be breathable and airy for comfort and style all the time.

What Is Reusable Incontinence Underwear?

Incontinence can be an issue for some women who may be struggling to control their urine after giving birth, due to a medical condition, aging or any other reason for the condition.  It can also be due to menopause, pregnancy or childbirth.

One that can help them ease the burden of having incontinence is reusable underwear. Such is a reusable and stylish panty that you can use and can replace bulky undies or adult diapers.

They can be available in different colors and styles. As they’re reusable, they can be washed, dried and worn again for savings.

Different Women’s Underwear Styles

There are different styles of underwear for women. A few of them include high waist, under the belly, tummy control, mesh style and so many more. For this reason, you might want to compare based on your style and comfort preference.

For example, if you liked to train your belly after birth, you might want to opt for those C-section panties that also cover not just the incision area but also your entire tummy.

What’s the Most Comfortable Underwear?

Every woman has a definition of her comfortable panty. For some, they can be cotton or a combination with spandex and other materials.  They can also have a mesh or breathable design.

For this reason, it pays off that you compare your options well and look into the factors that matter for your needs.

After all, you have your definition and standard of comfort, too.  To find it, you might want to refer to our reviews earlier to find the most comfortable panties.

For reference, read our buying guide above for important considerations among other things to know about a C-section or vaginal delivery panty.

Hoping you find the best postpartum underwear that you’re looking for according to your needs like wearing a comfortable panty.

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