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Best Trampoline Brands – Quality Trampolines – Safest Trampoline for Kids

Best Trampoline Brands

Are you looking for the best trampoline brands? We understand that it is overwhelming, time-consuming and stressful to find the right trampoline for your kids and family.

We also recognize that there are so many options out there, each coming with a set of features that make the selection and comparison process even harder.

One of the best ways on how to be on the right track is to buy only from a trusted brand. For this reason, we have chosen the best of the best among them so that you can start choosing and then later buying the right trampoline for kids and the young at heart. If you’re ready, let’s begin and review the following brands as well as read our short buying guide for quick reference.

Trampoline Sizes Guide

When looking for a heavy duty trampoline, you should consider its size especially if most family members intend using it for fitness, fun or simply for an outdoor activity.

  • If you have a smaller backyard, look for one with anywhere between 8 and 10 feet round.
  • Those measuring 14-ft round+ are ideal for adult users and offer more flexibility.
  • Medium-sized trampolines are usually 12-ft round.

Which Size to Buy?

One of the first things to consider is the size of your yard or garden as well as the number and age of the people to use it. Find a trampoline to meet those specifics.

Tip: A larger sized one is a better choice if more people are going to jump on the trampoline. However, it requires more space, so consider that, too, whether you’re buying a round or the best rectangle trampoline.

Safest Trampoline Brands for Kids

What are the safest trampolines for children? Just like other parents, your main priority can be safety when shopping around for a trampoline. Look for one that has safety features, such as a zippered net enclosure. Also, check for one with support and padding to avoid accidents. You may also look for one that comes with a ladder and a trampoline cover.

Safest Trampoline for Kids

How do I Care for my Trampoline?

The next question you may have in mind is, “how do I care for the safest trampoline for kids?” Check out the following for the basic tips to keep your trampoline on top condition.

Keeping it Clean

It is one of the most important things to remember if you want to extend the life and service of your trampoline to your kids and the entire family.

If your trampoline has a spring, you should take care of it more than a spring-free option because leaves and debris tend to become trapped on it. You must also check that its mat is always clean to keep it durable and undamaged.

All you need to keep it clean is a bucket of water, soap, and soft-bristled brushes. They can keep the trampoline clean. You can also use a simple spray to keep its surface dirt-and-dust-free.

Where to Position the Trampoline

While you might think it isn’t a part of the cleaning and maintenance of the best backyard trampoline, it is actually included on it. If you want to keep your trampoline working for years, you should also consider its proper placement.


  • Do not position it under a tree because it can give you a harder time to clean and maintain the trampoline especially in the early winter months and the fall.
  • Choose a spot where there are no other low lying or possible falling objects and branches that can make jumping unsafe. They can also damage the trampoline.
  • Do not put it close to your outdoor fire pit or grill.
  • Place it away from the sunlight, ideally in a shady spot in the backyard.

Maintaining Regularly

Just as how important that is to maintain accessories, such as the best trampoline basketball hoop, you should also ensure that you’re checking your trampoline regularly.To prevent injuries/accidents and extend the life of the trampoline, you should check its mat for wear and tear and, tension or sagging issues. Look for any spring damage, and inspect for any excessive stretching.

You should also look for damage to other components, including on its mat – holes, fraying and other stitching issues. Finally, look for any deterioration on the stitching or fabric.


Do you want to use it in the winter? What should you do if you want to protect it if you want to use it for the entire year or keep it in the summer?

Keep it away and select a dry place to it in the winter. You might also want to buy a cover for added protection when storing it. With the cover, the trampoline can be stored outdoors and protect it from debris, dirt and harsh weather elements.

In the winter, you can take the springs and mat out, and keep them indoors. For the frames, they can remain outdoors – but only if they’re rust-resistant.

If you’re choosing this way of storage, you should ensure that the springs are oiled and kept in a dry place just right before reattaching the trampoline’s mat in the spring.

Final Words about Maintenance

Always check your owner’s manual to find out if you can keep the trampoline outdoors on proper season storage instructions.

Best Trampoline Brands Reviews Buyer’s Guide

What is the best trampoline to buy? When shopping around for one, we must consider some factors to help us pick the right one based on our needs. The following is a quick look at the things to look for.


Safety is at the top of our list when shopping around for a trampoline especially if it’s for kids. Check for the safety features of the model you’re buying, and some of these include, hidden frames, mat, pads to cover the springs and enclosure nets.

Quality and Durability

To find the best trampolines, you should also look for one with proven durability and quality. They’re essential to ensure we’re making the most out of our investment. Check out reviews and look for the best brands offering top quality and durability while keeping their prices reasonable.


There are many features to look for, and some of which include having no springs, hidden frames and other important features you deem important.

Shape and Size

Just as discussed earlier, there are many sizes and shapes to choose from in shopping around for a trampoline. Pick a round or a rectangular trampoline, while also considering the number of people to use and other factors. You should also shop around for one according to your personal preferences, such as buying the best trampoline brands for tricks if you’re looking to use the trampoline other than for jumping but also for playing basketball or doing any other activities on it.

What Are the Best Trampoline Brands for Adults and Kids?

If you’re looking around for the best trampoline brands, you can start with the selection and comparison process using our list of the best of the best brands around.

1. Jumpsport Trampolines

The brand has been around for more than 20 years, being one of the pioneers that introduce the best trampoline for adults and children.Jumpsport is known for its commitment to quality, performance, and safety. It is a top rated brand that has been a staple name among fitness enthusiasts and families looking to buy the best trampolines for their backyards.

They back each product with warranties and offer excellent customer service. Experiencing the joy of bouncing and jumping first hand is one of their main goals over the years.

Their powerful bounce trampolines are also packed with safety features, including an enclosure system that keeps your kids safe when jumping on the surface of the trampoline. They also keep improving their products by introducing new jumping beds and mats.

Jumpsport offers not only quality but also safety that you can rely on if you’re a parent looking to keep your kids safe while having fun in the activity.

Choose from a wide range of Jumpsport trampolines. They are available in many varieties, sizes, and features that you would love. Pick based on the things you’re looking for your trampoline to have. We also have a sizing guide above that you might want to refer to when shopping around for this product.

Overall, Jumpsport is one of the most reliable trampoline brands around that you can depend on if you’re objective is to find one that can meet your family’s needs. If you’re also looking to use it for fitness and adults are going to use it, choose one that has a large weight capacity and size.

JumpSport Trampoline Rebounder Exercise Durability

JumpSport Trampoline Rebounder Exercise Durability


2. Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker trampoline is another top trampoline brand that offers fun and safe trampolines for families in the United States and the world. The company has been around since 2004 and from then on has been committed to the quality and safety of their wide selection of trampoline products to their consumers worldwide.They are known for safe and quality trampolines that have enclosure systems and other features to find in other top brands. One of the main characteristics of this brand is their wide range of selection, available in different shapes and sizes.

Consumers will be able to pick from different trampolines that can meet their unique needs. They offer trampolines of different sizes and weight capacities. The brand also has trampolines for adults, who may be looking to lose weight, stay fit and or get back into shape for better health.

Consumers can pick from 8-ft or 12-ft trampolines, whether oval or rectangular, depending on the size of their backyard or garden, as well as based on the number and age of the users who will use the trampoline.

Their trampolines are also safe to use and many of them also have tight-knit mesh, which provides added protection for kids. With such safety feature, kids won’t be able to climb up or to be stuck. Their accessories and products also meet ASTM standards.

Skywalker Trampolines Trampoline Enclosure Basketball

Skywalker Trampolines Trampoline Enclosure Basketball


3. Exacme Trampolines

Exacme is another well-known trampoline brand that has been around for years with the continued commitment to quality, performance, safety, and durability for the most bang of your buck and enjoyment of your kids and family members.Just as the previous brands discussed, Exacme also offers a wide range of trampoline products as well as home and garden products. Their products are not only durable and high quality but also affordable.

Their products are also safe because they include safety enclosures as well as safety mats. These safety features also include others that can help in preventing injuries and accidents, especially for kids.

NewAcme LLC is the company behind EXACME sports equipment. This company was established in 2011, is an international trading company in the beginning. They’re known for selling a wide range of product lines. In the coming years, the company has started putting up its brand, EXACME.

Their main mission is to offer value to the consumers. It is the objective and goal of this company, which was registered in Portland, Oregon. The company has its distribution center in Texas where the shipping of the product is facilitated.

If you’re looking for safe, durable and top performing trampolines, you might want to check out their wide range of products and pick one that matches your family’s needs and preferences. A few to pick from include the round outside or the round inner trampolines.

Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net

Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net


4. Ultega Jumper

It is a leading brand known in the fitness, leisure and sports equipment world. Through the years, they have been the go-to trampoline brand for those looking for affordability and quality.Their trampolines are easy to assemble, with safety enclosures and complete accessories. They also have U-shaped legs and other sturdy components. Their trampolines are also durable to last for many years.

While they don’t offer many trampolines versus other brands on the market do, ULTEGA is worth to consider if you’re looking for a fun, safe and quality trampoline for your family.
Their products offer the best fun and entertainment for children and adults. They can have a good time bouncing on the trampoline and stay fit! Kids, in particular, no longer have to be stuck playing on their mobile devices. They can now have fun while also incorporating physical activities into their daily routine especially in the summer.
Consumers can have a relaxed and bonding time with the trampolines that have unique features, which will add to the benefits of having it in their backyard.

ULTEGA trampolines are sturdy with double foot legs, which can offer the support needed when using it. Their products also have a reasonable height, making it ideal for many types of users. These also have enclosure zippers for easy opening so that users can get out of the trampoline quickly.

ULTEGA trampolines are also strong, supporting users of up to 200 lbs. Their products also have an instruction manual for workout sessions to perform on those, and these exercises are compatible for both children and adults.

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net


5. Pure Fun

One of the good trampoline brands we found on the market is Pure Fun! As the name suggests, their trampolines are fun and easy to use. Now, adults and kids can bounce their way to a fun time!Their products are designed and made for fun and safety in mind. They have big outdoor trampolines and small models perfect for kids. Definitely, Pure Fun has trampolines for everyone in the family!

We recommend it as one of the safest trampolines on the planet! While they offer high-quality models for adults and children, they also do not forget about adding safety features to their products. Kids of all ages can now enjoy jumping on the trampolines and never need to go to a facility offering trampoline leisure activity. This time around, they can choose working out or to have fun on the trampoline in their very own backyard.

Stay active while having fun! All the products of the brand are made for the comfort and safety of the entire family. Their trampolines are also designed and created to become a fun playground and exercise equipment.

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper: 36″ Mini Trampoline Handrail

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper: 36inch Mini Trampoline Handrail


6. Zupapa

Zupapa is one of the leading makers and suppliers of quality and affordable trampolines on the market. Through the years, they keep their commitment to providing and supplying topnotch and safe trampolines for their consumers. They have delivered durable and high-quality trampolines to more than 120,000 customers and counting!Their mission is to help and promote fitness, happiness and priceless family time for their customers. Zupapa also aims at keeping families closer together. They keep striving hard to upgrade their products and offer excellent customer service.

Consumers from all over the world can rely on this brand that offers great value trampolines, which include all the safety and fun features that they’re looking for when shopping around for their product. All their accessories and trampolines are TUV certified. Each trampoline is quality tested for safety and durability, which aim at protecting jumpers and preventing them from being hurt.

Zupapa Trampolines are available in a wide range of sizes from 12 feet to 15 feet in diameter, and with a height of 94 inches to the top of the enclosure. Their products also come with a ladder, safety pad, springs, mats, shoe bag, cover, and springs, to name some.

Zupapa Approved Trampoline Enclosure Jumping

Zupapa Approved Trampoline Enclosure Jumping


7. SkyBound

One of the brands coming on top of trampoline reviews consumer reports is the SkyBound USA trampoline. This brand is one of the most well known in the category for its commitment to the safety of their consumers and the quality of their products. They combine their desire of promoting fitness, wellness and active lifestyle for children and users.

Through the years, they keep on designing top of the line products for the entire family’s enjoyment and fun jumping on the trampoline. They have a team committed to the security and safety of the whole family.The company was founded in 2009 and since then has been supplying the world with top of the line trampolines available in many retailers across the North America region and online stores worldwide.

SkyBound has been one of the most reliable and fun brands for durable and quality trampolines since 2014. They have the focus in providing their customers with top quality support and service, too.

Their trampolines are designed with the entire family and athletes in mind. For the fitness enthusiasts, the brand is offering trampolines to help in engaging the core and improving cardiovascular health. They also have professional grade trampolines with snap frame parts into place as well as a welded metal flange system.

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System


8. Upper Bounce

You should not miss the Upper Bounce when shopping around for the best trampoline for the family. They are reliable and committed to offering top of the line replacement parts, quality trampolines, and accessories for the entire family.One more thing we liked about it is that its products are affordable while not compromising on quality and durability. Through the years, this brand has delivered to its promises of offering only durable trampolines packed with useful and safety features.

The brand also receives top and positive reviews from their customers despite not having much information available about them. Many of them have reported of great satisfaction purchasing their trampoline from this maker. If you’re shopping around for a top quality, affordable and durable trampoline, you shouldn’t miss looking into the Upper Bounce.

Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness Trampoline


Trampoline Setup Instructions

Trampoline Setup Instructions

So, you’ve just bought your trampoline. But then, you might be one of those looking for ways on how to set it up correctly. In the following, let’s talk about the steps on how to assemble or set it up so that your kids won’t have to wait long before they could play and jump on it. Take some time and make sure that you will set it up right using the following steps for their safety.

Some tools suggestions

  • Tools recommended on the package
  • Spring pulling device
  • Power drill
  • Rubber mallet

As trampolines are big and heavy, they usually come in up to three packages. Empty each of them and check all the components are there.

  • Spread out all the pieces for a comfortable and convenient installation. Find the best spot in your backyard to spread out all of them.
  • Start laying out the frame. Before doing so, check that the pieces are all in the correct places. Know that a frame has different sections, and each is meant for a particular area.
  • Begin with the frame assembly. Check the manual for specific instructions.  Make sure all the pieces will be in the right places to avoid wasting time starting from scratch again due to an improperly positioned section. Your job will be easier if you have a power drill because screwing the bolts is time-consuming, though.
  • You will also need a rubber mallet and a spring pulling device.
  • Check the instructions again to see if the springs are correctly aligned. The jumping pad will tighten after you’ve attached the springs.  In order to pull the springs to their specific slot, use a spring hook.  Once the spring hook is over the slot, you can use the rubber mallet to put it into place.
  • Once the jumping pad is connected, you can start putting the spring cover, except if you bought a springless trampoline.
  • Start assembling the enclosure net. It is time-consuming, but it is important for the safety of trampoline users.  To each of the poles, you should be able to add an enclosure pad.  Make sure that the pole is protected to prevent a jumper from hitting a pole.

But if you think setting it up for yourself would be a hard task, you should seek help from a local repair person that can help you set it up correctly and quickly.

How to Clean a Trampoline

Clean a Trampoline

The next thing you would like to know after how to set it up, you should also learn how to clean it. Due to messy hands and feet, dirt, sun, and debris, its mat can be dirty. Find out in the following the proper ways of cleaning the mat to keep it in top shape longer, things you will need

  • A bucket
  • A broom
  • Hose
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Warm and soapy water
  • Clean and dry towels

Steps in Cleaning the Trampoline Mat

Check out the following for the steps on how to clean the trampoline mat correctly.

  • Sweep the mat using the broom in order to remove any loose debris and dirt. Do not skip this step to ensure that you can cut the cleaning time later.
  • Rinse it with water with your garden hose.
  • Fill up the cleaning buckets with soapy water that should also be sudsy before scrubbing.
  • Start scrubbing the mat and make sure you’re working all around it. You can use a soft-bristled brush for scrubbing to prevent tearing the mat or scratching its surface.
  • Rinse the mat and continue rinsing until the soap is totally gone.
  • Dry the mat using a clean and dry towel. Keep drying it in the sun before reusing it to avoid injuries, slips, and falls.

What to Avoid in Cleaning the Mat

Avoid any chemicals in cleaning it. Some of the best trampolines only require spraying down several times a year to keep it in top shape. Otherwise, using chemicals will just degrade or even damage the material.

Some of those cleaning products can also hinder in the mat’s ability to resist the sun’s rays or ability to keep up with changing weather conditions. You just need soap and water to clean it at the very least.

Maintaining the Trampoline

A trampoline is an investment. Protect it from damage with the following maintenance tips.

  • Invest on a weather cover in order to keep the pad covered when not in use. Doing so, you can prevent it from drying out.  This cover will also prevent dust, dirt, debris, and animal dropping off the mat.
  • Even if yours is built with UV-resistant pad, it can degrade and dry out due to continued sun exposure. Over time, the trampoline’s fabric will dry out, and holes can form. When this happens, the trampoline can pose danger to users.
  • Alternatively, you can store the trampoline when it won’t be used for a longer time, such as in the winter. Store the entire set in their original packaging.
  • You should also clean its mat regularly to keep it in top conditions. You can use products to prevent it from degrading and fading. However, check that they’re safe for trampolines.
  • You should clean your trampoline every two weeks or once a month if you’re using it often. But then, you must still scrub and wash it every two months even if it is not always used.
  • Avoid using a firm and hard scrubber or brush with firm bristles.
  • Safety tip: When washing your mat, you must not stand on the mat or do anything that might lead to your injury due to slipping and falling.

In Ground Trampoline Vs Above Ground Trampoline

What makes in-ground and above-ground trampolines different? Both are perfect choices, but you should know which to buy between the two of them. It will also affect how much time you spend cleaning them.

An in-ground trampoline will require more maintenance. On the other hand, both of them will require planning on where you are going to put the trampoline. For example, an in-ground trampoline, once installed, can be hard to relocate. And for added safety, you can use an enclosure either to an in-ground type.

Ground Trampoline Vs Above Ground Trampoline


It will increase the cost to install the in-ground trampoline. You also need landscaping around it. Doing the math, you might have to spend up to triple the amount on what to spend on it versus with the other type of trampoline. When setting up an in-ground trampoline, the cost will also be higher when you consider the landscaper, trampoline installer and contractor.

Some of these in-ground trampolines also have retaining wall blocks that can help in the drainage. They can also prevent dirt and grass from damaging the in-ground trampoline’s metal poles. In this case, you can also prevent corrosion and rust from forming on your trampoline.


When it comes to safety, in-ground trampolines may be safer for kids because they have more freedom in using the trampoline that is in the ground versus an above-ground model that requires them more effort in entering and exiting the trampoline with the ladders too.

Everything is level with the in-ground trampoline, without even saying, so it can be safer if younger kids are going to use it. However, the debris surrounding the in-ground type poses risk s of injury due to the surrounding debris. But then, injury due to the height of the trampoline is with the above ground trampoline.

Effort and Time in Installation

Both types need you to spend much time installing because they can be both large and bulky. However, the set up can be easier and faster for some brands and according to the installation instructions.

Also, installing an in-ground trampoline can also be grueling, although a repair person can assist. It will also take much time to create a hole to position the trampoline. You also have to make a retaining hole or fill the hole with dirt in order to support your trampoline. And before digging, you might also have to inform your local government office.

Performance and Bounce

Above-ground give more bounce than an in-ground trampoline does. It is the reason the above-ground models are chosen for the better height that it can provide the jumper.

On the other hand, in-ground trampolines give bounce depending on the airflow, so with a limited one, a jumper will have a limited jump height. The only way to add bounce is to adjust or increase the space between the ground of between two and four inches and the mat. The proper airflow is going to add a bounce in the trampoline.

Aesthetics and Appearance

Take note that the above-ground trampoline is difficult to add into your garden if it is bulky or large and that’s if you’re also worried about appearance. On the other hand, the in-ground counterpart is easier to incorporate into your garden’s landscape because its jumping surface can blend with the garden.


There you have our guide on trampoline sizes guide and some Springfree trampoline brands. In this review, the clear winner is the Jumpsport Trampolines that do not only offer quality but also affordable and durable products to its consumers. It is also a top brand also chosen by sports and fitness enthusiasts. The brand is also the go-to solution of parents looking for a fun and safe trampoline for their kids who can now enjoy bouncing their way to fun, staying active and becoming more confident that they can indeed jump as high as they can imagine while staying safe.

Hope you picked up something from this best trampoline brands guide and be able to pick the right trampoline based on the needs and preferences of your entire family today!

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