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Instant Read Thermometer Walmart: Mom’s Guide to Baby Thermometers

Instant Read Thermometer Walmart: Mom’s Guide to Baby Thermometers

Does baby have a fever?  Is his forehead scorching hot? Before you fret and take him to the doctor, confirm if he has a fever by using an instant read thermometer Walmart for an accurate reading of his temperature.

But if you’re yet to have one, you’re probably deciding of buying a baby thermometer right now.  The only problem is that there are too many choices popping up on searches just like when finding the best basal thermometer for you when you were still trying to conceive.

Here’s for you.  Check out the following guide for the types of thermometer and reasons to have one.

What’s a Baby Thermometer, Anyway?

This temperature-reading device measures and shows your little one’s body temperature. One is specially designed for babies. You need it to find out if your baby has a fever or none. It is an essential device for any parent planning to have and raise a baby or two.

Types of Baby Thermometers

Here’s the fun part.  Before shopping around for an instant read thermometer Walmart, you should know the different kinds of thermometers on the market.

1. Oral Thermometer

It is pretty easy to use, so it is common in many households. You just hold it in his mouth and then wait for the reading after a few seconds. However, it is unsuitable for younger babies because they might swallow or suck it.

Oral Thermometer

2. Infrared or Forehead Thermometer

It is one of the latest types of baby thermometers on the market. This thermometer works with an infrared light, taking his body temperature without you touching the baby. Forehead thermometers are also a great choice because they’re accurate, although very expensive.

Also called a temporal artery thermometer, a forehead thermometer utilizes infrared waves coming from the temporal artery to measure his body temperature. Before displaying the final result, it reads the temperature from multiple points across the temporal region and forehead.

Infrared or Forehead Thermometer

3. Multiuse Thermometer

It is very easy to find in Walmart and local drug stores because it is cheap and can be used to measure his temperature in many ways – armpit, oral or rectal. But while it is the most versatile, it might be not easy to use versus a specific type of thermometer to use in a specific body part or area. If you would still want to choose a multiuse thermometer, do not use it in many areas of his body but on one.

Multiuse Thermometer

4. Ear Thermometer

It works by inserting its sensor into his ear canal and displays the results on the screen. The ear thermometer measures the infrared waves coming from his eardrum.

This thermometer is safe and quick, so it is used in many hospitals. However, you should learn how to position it correctly or else will not provide you with an accurate reading.

An ear thermometer might not be ideal for newborns up to six months because their ear canals are still so small and narrow for the probe.

Ear Thermometer

5. Armpit Thermometer

This baby thermometer is placed under the baby’s arm, reads his temperature before giving you the final result. However, it might be hard to use in an irritated, sick little one, so it can be advisable only if you cannot take his temperature using other types of thermometers.

Another possible downside is that it can be not so accurate for taking only external body temperature. Due to the accuracy factor, you might want to use this type only for screening and then later use a rectal type.

Armpit Thermometer

6. Rectal Thermometer

As the name suggests, this baby thermometer is inserted into his anus. It is a favorite among parents because it is pretty accurate in its readings.

The reason is that the anus is closest to his core, providing an accurate reading of his core body temperature.

This instrument usually has an on and off button, a probe and a digital screen, which displays the reading, in its handle. When buying one, look for that with a flexible tip and a wide base.

Remember to wash the thermometer after each use. This thermometer is great for newborns.

Rectal Thermometer

Quick Reminders

Now that you know the types of baby thermometers, you should pick based on certain things. For one, you might want to choose a thermometer that gives you an accurate and quick result of his body temperature. Considering it, you might want to go for an ear type thermometer.

On the other hand, you might also opt for one that gives you the ability of not touching baby to get his reading. Choose an infrared thermometer if you would like this feature. It lets you take his reading without physical contact. Alternatively, you might want to opt for an armpit thermometer especially for a newborn because it is most convenient to use for younger babies.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an instant read thermometer Walmart can challenging at first due to plenty of types, each with varying pros and cons. But after learning about their basic characteristics, you’ll find it rewarding to select the right baby thermometer to have if you have a baby or planning to have one.  Hope we’ve shed some light and later you can decide which one to buy for baby.

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