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How to Breast Pump at Work: Tips for Busy Moms

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You’re asking, do you need a breast pump? If you’re a busy working mother, you have more reasons than one to need one, such as Medela Harmony breast pumps.

It can be very useful to pump milk with it especially if you also want to breastfeed your infant exclusively. Either an electric or a manual pump can do well to express milk from your breasts even at work.

However, when you’re in the office or working, how do you express milk with a breast pump? That’s the same question we keep receiving from our readers. It is the reason we’re putting up this info guide for tips on how to pump at work, so check them out.

Do You Really Want to Breast Pump?

It is your choice to breast pump or not, so you have to decide on this before you start pumping at work. In all cases, your choice must be what is right for you and your baby.

Preparing the Things that You Need

You should buy the best breast pump for working moms. If you can, have two breast pumps – one for home use and the other for office use. Doing so, you can avoid panicking in case you forget to bring the pump to the office.

Make sure to have backups by doubling up on pump parts, which require washing. It is helpful especially when you’re in a hurry.

Do not forget to bring extra breast pads, a blouse, and an extra bra. These items come in handy just in case of leaks.

Preparing the Things that You Need

Some Tips

  • Ask ahead of time if you have a lactation room in your office especially if you don’t have an office where to have privacy.
  • Post a note on your office door to prevent people from barging into it when you’re breast pumping.
  • One tip from some moms is to have a photo of your baby in the pumping bag to inspire you and help in the stimulation of milk.
  • Prevent mastitis by not letting yourself becoming engorged.
  • You can encounter leaks and other accidents. Don’t worry. Just laugh them off. Do not stress out but stay calm and relax. Or else, you might have trouble pumping, such as not much milk will come out your breasts.
  • You must also be committed and patient in the process. For commitment, you should do the pumping consistently by blocking off your schedule for a session. Doing so, you can protect the pumping time and ensure baby will have stored breast milk. Be patient by easing up and not stressing yourself in the process.
  • Pump up to three times, but it depends on your baby’s age. It will also be according to how much milk you’re getting out of every pump as well as other problems. Again, be patient with the pumping process, as you will soon get the hang of it.
  • You can pump immediately as you get to the office because you have more milk early in the morning. Also, you can prevent putting off the pumping session once you’re occupied.
  • Give it plenty of time, ideally up to 45 minutes. Don’t stress yourself by trying to get it done in 20 minutes.

How to Breast Pump

Choose the correct size of breast shield, which is shaped like a funnel, for your breast. This shield will surround the nipple.

However, make sure to leave enough space to prevent your nipple from rubbing against the shield’s wall. You should also do it so that you can move freely. There are products that provide shields in many sizes.

Stimulate your let down reflex, a key to a smooth breastmilk expression. You can massage your breast before pumping or occasionally while doing it to stimulate the let down and improve milk flow. When feeling pain, you should stop pumping because discomfort can give you trouble pumping. For advice, you can ask your lactation consultant.

How to Breast Pump

Use a double pump to cut down your pumping time in half. It will also help produce more milk eventually because your prolactin level will be higher with it. But if you’re pumping one breast at a time, you should occasionally switch from one to the next breast a couple of times during the pumping session.

You should also try to follow a routine so that you can stimulate a good milk flow. Your body will be better prepared for the demand on milk supply if you have a fixed schedule to express milk.

Take your time and relax. Don’t impair your let down because of rushing or panicking. You can practice proper breathing and relaxation exercises for help.

Final Thoughts

Using Medela Harmony breast pumps or another, you might want to use these tips and tricks on how to express milk at work using this tool for better comfort and milk flow. Do you think we missed an important tip or two in this article on how to pump breastmilk at work?

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