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Baby Guide: How to Put Back In Diapers Full Time

Are you a first time parent that wants baby to put back in diapers full time? You have bumped into the right guide online! Changing a baby’s diaper, either disposable or cloth types, isn’t that easy for first time parents, and we surely understand that.

But as we don’t want baby to feel discomfort due to leaks and wetness, we need to learn the basics of changing his diaper. So worry not now, mom! Keep reading in the following section for the easy to follow steps on how to change your little one.

Preparing a Safe Place to Diaper Baby

Before anything else, choose a safe spot where to change your baby.   As even when belted on a changing table, accidents can still happen. He still can make sudden movements and fall off the table.  That’s unacceptable.

That’s why it is also important never to get your hands away from him. So during the changing time, keep baby engaged and occupied. For example, you might want to put a nursery mobile just above the changing table  or crib.

The stim-mobile or nursery mobile combines images, high contrast graphics and black and white to keep your little one occupied during the changing time.

Preparing a safe place to diaper baby

Preparing the things that you need

Before changing baby, make sure that everything is within your reach.  It must be in one area. In this manner, you don’t have to worry about your baby falling on the floor.   Also, keep the items out of his reach for safety.

At the very least, you need clean diapers, wipes, disposal units, such as a trashcan or a diaper pail and a diaper cream.  You might also want to use baby powder, but this is optional because some mothers don’t want their little ones to breathe in powder. For this reason, powdering is your call.

Preparing the things that you need

How to Change Baby Diaper

  1. Wash your hands and wipe them dry before touching baby and changing his diaper.
  2. Unfasten the tapes on the disposable diaper, such as on the best overnight diapers. If using cloth diapers, you can undo the pins and the cover.
  3. If changing his diaper in the car or in a changing station, make sure to put a cloth down under his body.
  4. Make sure to have some wipes or a dry and clean cloth ready if the diaper is soiled and messy.
  5. If the diaper has a poop, use the diaper’s front in pulling it towards his bottom. The same applies even if you’re using special needs diapers for a child with special needs.
  6. Next, you should fold the front part over the back of the diaper. In this manner, you can keep the bowel movement inside and ensure that his bottom will rests on the outer portion of the diaper’s front section.
  7. Clean his diaper area and see to it that you also pay attention to all the folds. Then, wipe the mess going to his bottom.
How to Change Baby Diaper

If changing a baby boy, have a cloth or diaper over his penis to prevent sudden nature call from giving your face a splash! And if changing outside and it’s windy, it might be triggered.

If changing a baby girl, wipe from her front towards the back to avoid infections, such as UTIs.

Wiping Tips: Using cotton balls, wet washcloth or baby wipes, wipe your little one clean from his front to the back.  Do not do it in the opposite direction especially if changing a baby girl, as mentioned earlier. To get underneath, you can lift his legs by his ankles. When wiping, also pay attention to the crease in his buttocks and thighs.  After wiping, you should pat him dry with a clean and dry washcloth before applying diaper cream.

  1. Using one hand, hold and lift him gently near his ankles in order to clean his bottom.
  2. If needed, you can apply diaper ointment or cream especially if your little one is prone to diaper rash. Check for chafing or redness in his skin, especially in areas where the tabs of the diaper might have come into contact to his skin, causing redness and rashes.
  3. Start putting the new diaper by lifting him up, allowing you to slip it under his behind. You can do it easily with one hand to lift him by his ankles before sliding the diaper’s back.
  4. Start fastening the tabs to the diaper’s strips on the front portion. Make adjustments to ensure that the diaper isn’t too tight or too loose. Also, check that the tapes aren’t contacting baby’s sensitive skin.
How to Change Baby Diaper

On the other hand, you can pin the diaper’s corners with safety pins if using cloth diapers. Then, you can place your fingers between the baby and the diaper, or else baby might be poked by the pins.

  1. When done, check that the diaper is covering his behind 100%. Also, make sure that the diaper isn’t too tight, especially on his stomach or leg area.
  2. See that the diaper’s edges aren’t tucked under.
  3. Put the soiled diaper in the trashcan or diaper pail.

There you have the easy steps to put back in diapers full time!  It’s easy, isn’t it?  But, do you think we missed an important tip you wish to share with the community?  Tell us in the comments. Finally, help other moms and share this article on Facebook today!

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