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Trampoline Reviews Consumer Reports: What Makes a Good Trampoline?

Trampoline reviews consumer reports are essential pieces of information. that can supply you with ideas and insights about what you need to know including what can make a good trampoline. Learn more in the following.

Trampoline reviews consumer reports

What Makes a Quality Trampoline?

There are so many shapes, sizes and best trampoline brands that can make it a challenge to select the right trampoline for you.

But if you know what you’re looking for, you will find it easier to figure out what to choose. One of those to help is to find the qualities that make a good trampoline. Let’s discuss it in the following.

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Bounce factor

Sure, you love to jump on a trampoline, play with your kids, or lose weight. All these can be better possible with a trampoline that can offer a good bounce.

After all, it is this big toy’s most significant feature, which comes from fiberglass rods or springs.

Trampolines typically are spring-fitted, making them bouncy.  Some trampolines are with a stretched canvas and are mostly fixed with a steel frame and a metal coil spring.

The springs are what offer tensions to support a bounce.

High-tension springs support a limited bounce for its average absorbing shock.  On the other hand, low-tension ones can result to a higher bounce.

Thus, the springs stretch when someone jumps on the trampoline, allowing for a smooth bounce. However, those with shorter springs can offer only a stiffer bounce because they’re not capable of stretching further.

If you want a better bounce that can last for a longer time, you should stay away from short spring-fitted trampolines because they lose form with constant use and eventually rendering themselves useless.

best trampoline brands


Consumers also noted in their reports that trampolines should have a strong and thick frame and no dangerous or sharp edges.  In most cases, trampolines that are more expensive have a thick frame.


Trampolines are in many shapes that include octagon, oval, square, rectangle and round.

One of the most common includes the round trampoline to which the springs are around its frame, allowing for a better and consistent bounce. It can bounce you to the center for a smooth bounce.

If you’re buying an oval one, do note of its larger surface area that can be ideal if you have a larger backyard.  It also has the ability of redirecting you to the center of the trampoline.

There are also rectangular trampolines, which are typically for acrobatic practice and athletes, are said to be the best in bounce.  On the other hand is a square trampoline that lets you jump from one corner to another for more bounce than the oval or round trampolines can.

Trampoline reviews consumer reports


Trampoline reviews consumer reports also give you an idea about safety. When shopping around for a trampoline, you should look into its features that can prevent your children from injuries or accidents while jumping on the trampoline.

One of those is a safety net, which encloses the trampoline, and stops children from bouncing off the trampoline’s sides. You might also want to compare for safety pads that cover the hooks, springs and steel frame to protect them from landing on top of the springs.

However, not all trampolines are included with safety accessories. In most cases, you need to buy them separately.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a trampoline among the plenty of choices available on the market, you might have to spend much time and effort if you don’t know what to look for. To find a good trampoline that has a great bounce, offers a high safety level and has the ideal shape for your needs, refer to trampoline reviews consumer reports for insights and ideas on what makes a good trampoline for your family.

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